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For sale

Semen Tank with Semen Straws

All semen and tanks are currently at the Bosque Valley Reproduction Center. Please contact Rena Lynch for any questions or to buy the tank or any semen listed.

The tank info is as follows:
MVE ET23-JLM filled every 8 weeks.

Contents of tank are as follows:
1 straw - Tobias
2 straws - Mr Monroe *Ennobled

Multiple straws from the following bucks:

Not So Boering Teddy Bear *Ennobled
AABG MHBG Perfection *Ennobled
T4 Comanche
Nama Yahtzee
Max Boer Goats IMAX
Not So Boering Bulldog
RRD RBGO Ten Guage
AABG NBD Raising Cane
Not So Boering Taking Care of Business
Faith Oziah, AKA: Ozzy
Not So Boering Moe
DCI Carter's Missle
TLB S282
Not So Boering Rythm
Not So Boering Jacob
Not So Boering Fear This
Not So Boering Wizard
EGGS Chunk
AABG NBD Extreme Machine

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